Founder Roland Rijpma

Few people would place data management on par with the Paris to Dakar rally when it comes to thrills and adventure. But, to retired data-scientist turned rally driver, Roland Rijpma the mountains of data created by the explosive growth of the social media were becoming just as exciting as the arid dunes of north Africa.

It was a research thesis by university student Thomas Slabbers that tipped the balance in the favor of data, and set the stage for Roland’s “un-retirement”.

Founder Thomas Slabbers

The paper: You are who you follow — A deeper analysis of how people act on Twitter crystalized Roland’s thoughts on the unprecedented opportunity presented by the rapidly growing amounts of publicly available data generated by the social media.


In July 2013, Roland, Thomas, and data engineer Peter Versteegen joined forces to found Socialdatabase. Beginning with publicly accessible Twitter data, it was not long before their data-complexity approach to analytics proved to be uniquely successful at generating fact-backed insights, and defining behaviorally predictive audiences.

Soon Socialdatabase’s servers were running 24/7, devouring, re-categorizing, and analyzing massive amounts of data. By 2015 this unprecedented appetite for data had not gone unnoticed by Twitter who asked for an explanation.

At a meeting in Twitter’s San Francisco HQ Thomas explained how Socialdatabase had downloaded, completely restructured, and analyzed the Twitter database. Twitter was surprised by the size, and effectiveness of this data restructuring. They immediately recognized that Socialdatabase had such a clear understanding of the Twitter database. Twitter was more than impressed. Rather than objecting to this as an overstep, the result of the meeting was an invitation to become a Twitter ads API partner. This opened doors to even more of Twitter's database, and with that, even deeper understanding.

Since 2013 Socialdatabase has grown from a single server, to a database of over 23 trillion structured data points. Today we are a Twitter Official Partner. With offices in Amsterdam, New York and Dubai, we deliver tailored audiences and insights to clients including Twitter, Google, Nike, Heineken, Philips, Nutricia, Samsung, and Slack.

Thomas Slabbers continues to run daily operations from Amsterdam, while Roland Rijpma focuses on improving, and enlarging our database, and keeping his entrepreneurial eyes open for the next exciting opportunity.


Thomas Slabbers
Founder - CEO

Favorite social account:
Roland Rijpma
Founder - R&D

"Distinctiveness, distinctiveness, distinctiveness."

Favorite social account:
Peter Versteegen
Founder - CTO

"Let's see if we can use big data to make the world a little bit better."

Favorite social account:
I would like to see a green world where everyone has enough to eat.
Duco Janssen
Chief Operating Officer

"Impact = Content x Data. We will take care of the data ;)"

Favorite social account:
I really like the content they share.
Peter Smit
Chief Financial Officer

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Favorite social account:
Great entrepreneur, part of Sharktank & very inspiring.
Joran Cornelisse
Data Scientist

"In today's omnipresence of social media, content rapidly becomes obsolete. We are thrilled that we can use our data skills to enhance relevancy for users on disparate platforms."

Favorite social account:
Next to data science and programming, I enjoy watching and playing football. Being from Amsterdam, my favourites are somewhat biased.
@AFCAjax & @DeJongFrenkie21
Ingrid Doesburg
Data Analyst

"Creating the right audience for the customer in a continuing changing world."

Favorite social account:
It's an account about living with pubers, it makes me realize that my chaotic life is quite normal with pubers in the house. It gives me with humor and recognizable tweets the right perspective back again.
Maarten van der Putten
Head of US Operations

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules, you learn to walk by falling all over.”

Favorite social account:
For news.
Eva Heithausen
Team Lead Social Media

"Working at Socialdatabase I use the power of Social Media and relevant targeting to help the client achieve their goals."

Favorite social account:
It’s fun, authentic and good food for thought!
Bart Kooij
Creative Director

"Making data human again."

Favorite social account:
It is a source of inspiration to me.
Nina Wehneman
Client Marketing Communication

"Strategizing and optimizing campaign launches with Superaudiences to ensure global brands are successful on Twitter makes my work really exciting."

Favorite social account:
Besides being the author of my favorite cookbooks, her podcast brings open discussions about all things business, health and well-being.
Peter van Kampen

"I like to make stuff."

Favorite social account:
Funny, kind and positive.
Anouk Boukema
Head of Product

"Product Owner/manager of the dashboard, who also contributes by coding."

Favorite social account:
Two brothers who created their business around their happiness: creating a healthy lifestyle with vegan cooking, meditation, whm, exercise and yoga.
Micha de Haan
Marketing Manager

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk

Favorite social account:
Louisa Shi
Campaign Manager

"Allow yourself to be a beginner and never stop learning."

Favorite social account:
Very nice shots of the most beautiful places in the world and gives me inspiration for my next trip.
Pim Bergsma
Business Developer

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." - Bill Gates

Favorite social account:
I like to play sports and to stay fit!
Judith Mennens
Operations Support

"As allrounder you can ask me anything. I am happy to serve you and to improve our office services, projects and finance processes to continue our high service level every day."

Favorite social account:
For news.
Henry Zweers
Data Analyst

"Really like to analyse the data and see and find out what we can do with it."

Favorite social account:
He is a great guy and an inspiration to many, above all real down to earth with an interesting look at life.
Maureen Burton
Business Developer

"I enjoy building relationships with our clients and helping them find the best audiences to achieve their goals."

Favorite social account:
I like to be reminded of the many beautiful corners on the planet and dream one day I'll see them all.
Chiel Heldoorn
Data Scientist

"Losing is not an option, you either win or learn."

Favorite social account:
This podcast makes you want to watch every moment of possibly one of the most boring sports: cycling.
Elaine Blijdorp
Head of Manifesto

"DO NOT READ THE NEXT SENTENCE. You little rebel. I like you."

Favorite social account:
Their satirical articles and videos are very entertaining.
Fares El Masri
Business Developer

“I help souls find souls.”

Favorite social account:
The way I like to know what’s happening.
Alexandra Rusu
Data Scientist

"The world is a network, and that makes it (and my work) fascinating."

Favorite social account:
In times like these even the most cynical among us need some wholesomeness in their lives.
Lars Griekspoor
Design & Communication

"Working with data and making amazing stuff with a group of people who love the same things."

Favorite social account:
In my opinion he's one of the greatest speakers and his way of thinking is inspiring whatever you do in life.
Lana de Hoop
Paid Social Media Manager

"I might be helping clients deliver effective and efficient advertising on social media but doesn't mean I don't fall for it as well."

Favorite social account:
They go beyond just pictures of great food but also gives stories behind the dishes and the cooks. Also occasionally they bring up interesting topics around the food industry, sourcing and sustainability.
Jeroen den Boef
AI Research Scientist

"You never stop learning in life. Being here at Socialdatabase, I am excited to learn and grow, and to take the company to a whole new level."

Favorite social account:
Great recipes delivered through peak gen-Z humour.
Sander Boonstra
Data Analyst

"Our company reminds me of Ajax in the way that we can compete with larger companies by using our unique philosophy and the Superaudience product."

Favorite social account:
I'm a fan of the club because of the unique philosophy in the way they work which makes them able to compete with clubs that have 10 times their budget which I think could be an inspiration for every company and person.
Yasi Liu
Paid Social Media Manager

“Being human in the digital world is about building a digital world for humans.”

Favorite social account:
Ottolenghi shares all of his culinary secrets with his audience, his recipes colour my world.
Gerben Wolters
Chief Information Security Officer

"Plan Do Check Act", Curious, Cynical and Holistic while keeping the Complexity as simple as possible."

Favorite social account:
Rocio Villares Balseiro
Paid Social Media Manager

"It never gets easier, you just get better."

Favorite social account:
They share a lot of content related with visual arts and it is a source of inspiration and a room for creativity.
Xam Mouthaan
Manager X

"Tell me; what's the motto with you?"

Favorite social account:
A bright fresh new activist, always able to show other perspectives.
Prerna Pawar
Performance Specialist

"Your content + our audiences = a perfect campaign We are changing the way you run your Twitter campaigns and making it more significant."

Favorite social account:
I really like their content as they talk about the patriarchal society we live in and what needs to be changed or needs to be normalised. I feel that accounts and content like these can really bring a change in our society.
Mark Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Design Director

"Visualising an idea in an authentic way brings it to life! That's what I do."

Favorite social account:
A great source of inspiration from across the creative industries.
Rosaria Cynthia Devi
Paid Social Media Manager

"Learn, grow, and add value."

Favorite social account:
She is one of my most favorite TV personalities.
Doeke de Wolf

Favorite social account:
Marloes van Rooijen
Project Manager

"Alone you go fast, together you go far."

Favorite social account:
Cute animal-related rescue stories with a happy ending.
Lefteris Antonakis

"Turning chaos into great products."

Favorite social account:
To get info about upcoming market moves that will affect the cryptocurrency world.
@elonmusk & @binance
Carolinde Freundenberg
Office Support

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Favorite social account:
This guy is the best! Not only making positive and funny content every day, but he's also doing a lot of good for people in need.
Ifeanyi Idiaye
Data Scientist

"Working for Socialdatabase is like finding oasis in the desert; it is simply a pleasure!"

Favorite social account:
I am a huge history buff; I always love to learn about historical figures, past events, and the history behind monuments.
@africanarchives & @OurDayInHistory
Juli Miranda de Almeida
Paid Social Media Manager

"Help clients to leverage their online presence is what rewards me the most."

Favorite social account:
Basically a preschool teacher that shares delightful quotes that she overhears in class. I simply think that kids are geniuses and this account is hilarious.
Sil Westerveld

"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming."

Favorite social account:
What they do is cutting-edge science; they change(d) the world.
Claire Amson
Data Analyst

"The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists."

Favorite social account:
First getting up to date @TwitterData, then getting smiles from @SpongeBob.
@TwitterData & @SpongeBob
Ramiro Lozada
Paid Social Media Manager

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

Favorite social account:
His point of view about the market and how they can actually improve the world if used the right way.
Chantalle Paulussen
Marketing Manager

Favorite social account:
Taco Remkes
Topsport Committee

"I would like to help you realize your dream within Socialdatabase."

Favorite social account:
He is my idol since childhood and I would like to learn from him.
Elisa de Vries
Junior Campaign Manager

“As long as they are well-intentioned, mistakes are not a matter for shame, but for learning.”

Favorite social account:
It's an account that highlights empowering women in the international business.
Nicolas Balashenko
Business Developer

"Socialdatabase is an extremely diverse group. This allows for a wide range of different perspectives with innovation and creativity never lacking."

Favorite social account:
It keeps me up to date with the latest football news and goals.
Yuri Ueda
Business Developer

"Stay hungry, stay foolish!"

Favorite social account:
Being in the social media industry, some of the content is hysterically (and painfully) relatable, but it's also insightful to know about the latest social tech news & updates, insights from people in relevant fields and understanding the landscape of different platforms and markets.
Boet Rijnders
Data Analyst

"There's no such thing as a free ride"

Favorite social account:
Good tech reviews.
Patrick van Rietschoten

Favorite social account:
Jelger Algra
Data Support

"Sports do not build a character, they reveal it."

Favorite social account:
I like this account because I have always dreamed of playing in this baseball league.
Mies Kleinsman
Campaign Management & Client Communication Marketing

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Favorite social account:
To dream away and get some travel inspiration.
Thomas Dekker
Data Analyst

"My goal is to simplify complexity." - Jack Dorsey

Favorite social account:
They show you the latest news and look at social-cultural topics from a different perspective. I also enjoy the books they publish a lot.
Siemen Algra
Data Support

"You can't improve what you don't measure."

Favorite social account:
I like photography, hiking and traveling. This account is a combination of those 3.
Steven Rijpma
Data Support

Favorite social account:
Julian van Elswijk
Data Support

Favorite social account: