Case: Achmea - Insurance

How did a leading insurance company create solid dialogue in key industries.

Key Results

166% Increase of engagements

During the campaigns Achmea showed a 166% increase in engagements.

+190% Link Click

There was an improvement of +190% link clicks.

10% of total website traffic

The blog represented 10% of the total website traffic.

‘’We have proved that content targeted to the right audience has been far more effective for us. Besides that, the Twitter tool of SocialDatabase got us excited about the possibilities on Twitter which contributed to team learnings and actionable insights.’’ –
Elmar Duiveman
(Social strategy @Achmea)


Achmea, the largest Dutch insurance company, wanted to increase brand awareness among key industries in the Netherlands. The Achmea team believed that Twitter could help them by creating a connection with these specific industries. To achieve this, they wanted to create meaningful dialogue by distributing content created by the captains of industry.

The strategy

Achmea developed a highly targeted Twitter strategy to maximize efficiency, by aiming for a perfect match between content and audiences. They wanted to reach a wide range of people, but with personalised content. To present all receivers with personalised content, Achmea needed to reach the audience through different segments. Targeting this way, however, made the standard procedures such as targeting by keywords, interests and look-a-like accounts fall short. Therefore, Achmea partnered with (@MySocialData), a Twitter data partner. enriches all Twitter data by looking at follower-relations. Based on this data, they distributed the content created by Achmea to Twitter audiences, custom made for all key industries. Only by using this unique Twitter tool, Achmea was able to reach a very relevant audience.

Three steps to success

1. Creating appealing content Achmea created diverse and exclusive content by interviewing an important influencer from every industry. More than 20 blog posts were created in collaboration with the captains of the industries to be distributed on Twitter.

2. Tailoring audiences to the content @Mysocialdata created ID based tailored audiences using its unique targeting tool for every blog. These audiences were established based on the industry, the author and specific wishes of Achmea, such as the affinity for the subject of the blog.

3. Optimizing engagement rates during the campaigns, the engagement rates across different industries and audiences were monitored. Based on the engagement rates, the @Mysocialdata targeting tool was used to adjust the tailored audiences again during the campaigns in order to maximize the engagement rate.

The succes story

Achmea succeeded in their ambition to improve results by tailoring audiences to the content. First of all, the average engagement rate increased by 166% due to the targeting of ID based tailored audiences. The highest measured increase in engagement rate during the campaigns was a staggering 471%. Secondly, the link click rate increased by 190%, because the content was distributed to a more relevant audience. The cost per link click decreased to 95% when targeting the custom made Twitter audiences. Moreover, the average session length on the blogs increased from 3 minutes to 4 minutes and 34 seconds. Finally, the Achmea blog now represents no less than 10% of the total website traffic.