A deeper analysis of public Twitter data to selectively target more relevant audiences.

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Unlock the power of Twitter

In the era of enhanced privacy protection, SUPERAUDIENCES will soon become the most effective starting point for all campaigns.

We build SUPERAUDIENCES from the ground up with pure Twitter data

SOCIALDATABASE leverages publicly available Twitter data to create SUPERAUDIENCES. We are able to surface distinct audiences, characteristics and behaviours at scale.

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Unlimited Targeting Possibilities

- Casual vs Hardcore interests
- Job titles & seniority levels
- B2B industries
- Combined audiences (Doctors who play golf)
- Competitor audiences
- Exclusion audiences
- Personalities
- Specific locations

Audience examples

Our data science team creates custom algorithms for every audience.

Fashion Purists

Fashion Purists who follow more than 15 fashion brands, 10 models and 5 fashion magazines, in 7 countries.

Decision Makers

BDMs and luxury audiences. Car owners likely to be interested in expensive cars.

Job Titles

Controllers Datascientists
IT auditors
Board of directors



F1 fans

Hardcore Formula 1 fans in 10 countries.

Enriched Twitter Data

Publicly available data derived from Twitter, enriched by the SocialDatabase platform. We do not use 3rd party data, or data from any other source than Twitter. This is especialy beneficial in this era of enhanced privacy protection.


Twitter Official Partner

SOCIALDATABASE is recognized as a Twitter Official Partner. Working closely with Twitter to help advertisers reach better audiences globally. Find our partner page on

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