The SOCIALDATABASE platform has envisioned a whole new kind of audience: the SUPERAUDIENCE. These are created with public Twitter Data and never with third party data.
These custom built user-groups are super relevant, and most importantly, more receptive. That means media spend goes further, and engagement relevance is improved.

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A deeper analysis of Twitter data to target based on specific characteristics:

- Casual vs Hardcore interests
- Job titles & seniority levels
- B2B industries
- Combined audiences (Doctors who play golf)
- Competitor audiences
- Exclusion audiences
- Personalities
- Specific locations

Audience examples

Our data science team creates custom algorithms for every audience.

Fashion Purists

Fashion Purists who follow more than 15 fashion brands, 10 models and 5 fashion magazines, in 7 countries.

Decision Makers

BDMs and luxury audiences. Car owners likely to be interested in expensive cars.

Job Titles

Controllers Datascientists
IT auditors
Board of directors



F1 fans

Hardcore Formula 1 fans in 10 countries.

Twitter Dynamic Data Complexity.

Audiences are built following the complexity of follower-networks, public engagements and conversations. This way, relevant audiences are discovered at the largest possible scale. GDPR compliant.


Twitter Official Partner

SOCIALDATABASE is recognized as a Twitter Official Partner. Working closely with Twitter to help advertisers reach better audiences globally. Find our partner page on

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