A deeper analysis of public Twitter data to selectively target more relevant audiences.

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Unlock the power of Twitter

In the era of enhanced privacy protection, SUPERAUDIENCES will soon become the most effective starting point for all campaigns.

We build SUPERAUDIENCES from the ground up with pure Twitter data

SocialDatabase leverages publicly available Twitter data to create SuperAudiences. We are able to surface distinct audiences, characteristics and behaviours at scale because our product has been built around Twitter's platform and the public nature of its data. We don't use 3rd party data as everything is built using Twitter's public data.

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Enhanced targeting capabilities:

Casual vs Hardcore interest

Job titles & Seniority levels

Specific industries

Competitor audiences



  • Not affected by the iOS 14 update, IDFA or AAID.
  • Easy on compliance, we never use third party data.
  • Reach only your intended audience.
  • Dramatically improve campaign performance.


Share you targeting goals with our team through this form and we’ll provide you with a size estimate of the desired audience within 24hrs. You can always email us for any specific questions or to set up a call. 

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What does it cost?


We’re very efficiently priced with a flat-fee and no rev share.

How do I get started?

  • Share campaign goals and targeting needs with the SocialDatabase team. You may use this form or email your campaign brief to your contact at SocialDatabase.
  • We share sample profiles of the desired audience and provide size estimated of the potential SuperAudience.
  • You give us the thumbs up and we start building your SuperAudience, which takes approximately 5 days.