Purpose Statement
We amplify global connectivity.

The opportunity

Twitter is an extension of the global conversation. Combining our knowledge and perspectives is extremely powerful and contributes to better communication, better collaboration and empowers global empathy.

Our purpose

At SOCIALDATABASE, we create technology that uses public Twitter data to accelerate those combinations. Exposing different points of view in the world. Contributing to multiperspective communication and collaboration to take us forward. This is our purpose, we amplify global connectivity.


How we amplify global connectivity

Initiative 1

What we don't do

We believe in humanity. We do not create audiences that our team is not comfortable with or create audiences based on any of the following categories:

1. Any audience that one of our team members does not feel comfortable with.
2. Health status / patients
3. Genetic or biometric data
4. Negative financial status
5. Political affiliation or beliefs
6. Racial or ethnic origin
7. Religious affiliation or beliefs
8. Sexual identity and orientation
9. Trade union membership
10. Crime

Initiative 2

Data for the world

We make our tool available, free of charge, for everyone who would like to use data in a positive way. Amplifying global connectivity by revealing communities. Connecting experts to combine their knowledge and perspectives to take us forward.

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