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SOCIALDATABASE attains Twitter Official Partner status

Amsterdam based company SOCIALDATABASE has joined the Twitter Official Partner program, which recognizes companies offering outstanding marketing solutions with a proven track record of customer success. The addition is in recognition of the company's SUPERAUDIENCE product.

SOCIALDATABASE offers advertisers  the ability to create custom audiences that target the exact market they want to reach. Using enriched public Twitter data, the company developed an intelligent software platform that analyses user behaviours to build the perfect match for the advertiser. 

After a recent successful campaign, Andy Griffiths, ASICS social media manager has this to say:

“To be sure we were spending our advertising budget wisely, we were looking for a way to define our audience more precisely than the native Twitter targeting options. Working with SOCIALDATABASE allowed us to run our campaign targeting the exact audience required to fit within our broader marketing strategy.The results were very impressive and I would definitely recommend SocialDatabase to other companies looking to improve on their Twitter targeting” – Andy Griffiths (ASICS EMEA)

SOCIALDATABASE has the ability to create audiences for any part of the world and can use criteria such as industries, job titles, hobbies, sports, age groups, and more. Looking for doctors that play golf, IT decision makers in the United Kingdom or Nascar fans? Their SUPERAUDIENCES product can do exactly that.

“The recognition from Twitter is a significant milestone for us and we feel very proud after years of hard work to have this badge of approval,” said Thomas Slabbers, CEO.

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