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than ever

Socialdatabase, the #1 partner for Enriched
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New powerful advertising
tools to reach responsive audiences

the media-effectiveness
of any campaign

At Socialdatabase, we've reinvented targeting on X. Our deep understanding of real time human behavior and relationships is built upon pure X data.

If you’re advertising on X, our solutions are a recipe for success. After all — the best audiences to reach are the ones waiting to hear from you.

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We help agencies and advertisers connect with the most relevant and valuable audiences on X, in order to target users that are open and receptive to their messages.

We’re specialized
in restructuring
and analyzing publicly available X data

Over the years, our belief, ‘you are who you follow’ has given us a uniquely deep understanding of the 1.4 billion worldwide users on X, and helped us become a X Marketing Partner.

Interested in learning more about our partnership with X? Read how we work together to help clients with audiences that welcome their brands and gain relevant, meaningful insights.

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