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Enriched Audiences

Privacy sensitive targeting solutions that are the starting point of every powerful campaign.

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SuperAudiences unlock the power of Twitter to make it the most relevant platform in your marketing arsenal.

SOCIALDATABASE is an Official Twitter Partner that has developed a software platform that enriches Twitter data. Our custom code is able to surface job roles, personal interests, behaviors and more. The result is a new way to build audiences with a relevancy not seen before. We help brands target more effectively by serving content to those people that are actually interested in it.

The SOCIALDATABASE platform has envisioned a whole new kind of audience: the SUPERAUDIENCE.


SocialDatabases enriched audiences, known as SuperAudience, help brands reach their desired audience at scale.

SuperAudiences are created without 3rd party data. Our products are GDPR 
compliant and unaffected by recent privacy changes such as ATT and Device ID targeting restrictions.


Find out how your audience behaves online, what they are tweeting about and who their most relevant connections are to better connect with them and get your messaging heard.

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At SocialDatabase we have built a unique platform that helps brands create the most efficient marketing campaigns by enabling them to learn and reach their targeted audience at scale.
All our products are based on Enriched Public Twitter Data, which is especially beneficial in this era of enhanced privacy protection.
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A deeper analysis of Twitter's data archive to selectively target more relevant audiences.

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Get access to the largest pool of Enriched Public Data.

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