ASICS boosts purchase intent with a tailored runners audience.

Key results

Purchase intention increase of 52%

Measured in a Brand Lift Study by MeMo2, third party specialized in measuring media effects.

Video completion rate of 27.5%

Proves the targeted audience was highly engaged.

The results were very impressive and I would definitely recommend Socialdatabase to other companies looking to improve on their targeting on X.

- Andy Griffiths (ASICS EMEA)


ASICS desired to effectively reach potential running shoe buyers on X in the UK for an impactful awareness campaign, with the campaign's success measured by a third-party brand lift study.


Custom audiences were created, focusing on users on X with a high likelihood of being in-market for running shoes, such as marathon participants or followers of runner brands. This strategic targeting allowed for a more efficient allocation of the campaign budget.


The campaign led to a significant 52% increase in purchase intent for ASICS running shoes. Additionally, a video completion rate of 27.5% indicated high engagement within the targeted audience, marking the campaign as a success.

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