How custom SuperAudiences can even give you insights about in-market buyers.

Key results

Purchase intention increase of 52%

Measured in a Brand Lift Study by MeMo2, third party specialized in measuring media effects.

Video completion rate of 27.5%

Proves the targeted audience was highly engaged.

The results were very impressive and I would definitely recommend Socialdatabase to other companies looking to improve on their Twitter targeting.

- Andy Griffiths (ASICS EMEA)


The ASICS Group, a leading brand in the sports industry, wanted to execute an effective awareness campaign for running shoes in the UK. They reached out to us for premium Twitter audiences. ASICS wanted to reach the in-market running shoe audience on Twitter. The results were measured by a 3rd party, MeMo2, in a brand lift study. MeMo2 is specialized in measuring the effects of media investments.


In-market running shoe buyers
In this particular case for ASICS, we isolated all accounts of people likely to be in-market of buying running shoes.

With Twitter’s native targeting options, it’s difficult to target people who are in-market to buy running shoes. It would lead to a very broad target group, including many who are not interested in running shoes. This would result in a less effective campaign.

With our SuperAudiences, we selected people who for example are participants of marathons or follow specific runner brands. By analyzing and mapping the online behavior, we created broad and narrow Twitter audiences. The more narrow the audience, the more certain we are about targeting running fanatics who are likely to be in-market on that moment. In this way, we could allocate more budget to the people more likely to be in-market of buying running shoes.


52% increase in purchase intent
The results were measured by MeMo2. The Brand Lift Study showed that after the campaign, the runners who were exposed to the campaign were 52% more likely to buy ASICS running shoes. As purchase intent was one of the most relevant metrics for this campaign, the Twitter campaign has been very successful.

Another result worth mentioning is the video completion rate of 27.5%. More than 1 in 4 people watched the entire video during the campaign.

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