Heineken accelerates campaign engagement during Formula 1 season.

Key results

Up to 3x higher engagement rates

Which shows the F1 SuperAudience was highly engaged.

Significantly higher video completion rates

A signal that the content matched the audience.


As a global partner of Formula 1, Heineken wanted to effectively engage with true F1 fans on X during the Grand Prix of Australia, China, and Spain. The opportunity was to distinguish hardcore F1 fans from casual fans.


Socialdatabase conducted a deep analysis of X data to identify F1 fans based on their level of interest in the sport. This resulted in the creation of narrow, balanced, and broad F1 audiences in 10 countries. This allowed Heineken to serve pre-roll videos together with the most engaging F1 content on X, tailored to the interest level of each audience segment.


Targeting the hardcore F1 fans on X led to 300% higher engagement rates and overall increase in video completion rates, demonstrating the success of the campaign in reaching its intended audience.

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