In our ongoing mission to make Twitter Ads relevant, let’s make it easy for advertisers on Twitter through free access to the most relevant audiences until January 15

As a Twitter Partner, we are committed to supporting Twitter through thick and thin. In the spirit of our partnership, we are pleased to announce that we are making all of our Twitter Targeting Solutions available to Twitter for free until January 15.

In our ongoing mission to make Twitter Ads as relevant as possible to both advertisers and users, we feel the urge to help now. Count on us in this dynamic and transformative period for Twitter, and let's show Twitter users advertising that is as relevant as possible to their needs.

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How we
partner with X

It is clear, X is all about what’s happening in the world right now. This unique ability serves an audience with a discovery mindset. But X is more than just a platform to communicate. Every day, hundreds of millions of users produce billions of tweets and trillions of data points — a treasure trove of consumer insight and understanding.

X data says it all, at least when you’re passionate enough to listen

Over the past 10 years we’ve restructured the X database based on real time human behavior and connections. Our targeting technology harnesses the platform's superpower of insight and understanding. Any campaign benefits from it. It takes targeting on X to a whole new level, enabling advertisers to reach their most relevant audiences on the most relevant channel in their marketing arsenal.

Always on, just like our partners at X

Working with X data and creating new solutions is one. But being in constant communication with X and their advertisers team, to enable success on the platform, is what really drives us. With offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Dubai and Tokyo we’re always here 24/7 to help agencies and direct clients around the world to unlock the power of X.

X Marketing Partners are recognized advertising specialists selected for outstanding products and proven customer success. As #1 Partner for Enriched Audiences and ABM, Socialdatabase’s technology and products have proven to enhance targeting on X (fka Twitter) to help advertisers connect with highly relevant audiences.

Learn more in some of our case studies.

From schoolpaper
to X Marketing Partner

The interest in analysing the largest pool of public data in the world started as a research thesis by university student Thomas Slabbers. The paper: You are who you follow — A deeper analysis of how people act on X (fka Twitter) was the beginning of a new era. The rest is our proud history.  

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“Not everyone is on
X, but every audience is.”
– Thomas Slabbers (CEO Socialdatabase)