Philips Health effectively engages radiologists worldwide.

Key results

100% Better bounce rate

The bounce rate was reduced from 64% to 32%.

+54% Conversion rate

An increase of 54% for the conversion rate on the website.

14x Impact multiplier

14 times better impact score than compared to the standard targeting test.


Philips Health needed a unique strategy on X to effectively connect with radiologists around the globe. Using traditional targeting options wasn't precise enough to reach this specific group.


Using advanced targeting technology, Socialdatabase developed a unique approach to identify radiologists, even those who did not publicly share their job title in their profile. By refining this audience, Socialdatabase provided Philips Health with a group of healthcare professionals who were either confirmed radiologists or highly likely to be radiologists based on their behaviors and connections on X.


The tailored approach led to compelling results. Philips Health experienced a significant decrease in bounce rate by 100% and a boost in website conversions by 54%. These results underscored the successful engagement with the target radiology community and the overall campaign effectiveness.

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