Enrich your
ABM strategy
with our unique solution on X

You know exactly what companies you’re looking for, we know exactly how to find their Business Decision Makers. Our ABM technology sharpens your targeting on key accounts by accurately identifying decision makers and their influential community. Experience a new world of opportunity for your account-based marketing with this innovative solution on X.

Unlock your ABM solution
BDMs in Healthcare
2.5M Business Decision Makers
BDMs Creative Industries
1.5M Business Decision Makers
BDMs in Financial Services
500K C-suites
BDMs in Telecommunication
400K C-suites
BDMs in Tech
250K CEOs

The right messages
to the right people
on the platform
where they’re
most active

Business Decision Makers are more active on X than anywhere else, making it the most relevant platform for you to engage with them. With ABM, you gain the opportunity to connect with key individuals from up to 1,000 specific companies. Plus, you can amplify your campaign's impact by tailoring your messaging specifically for each company.


  • Reach the most relevant BDMs and their influential community
  • Run with up to a 1.000 companies simultaneously
  • Target any industry, any company, any title with extreme accuracy
  • Have the opportunity to tailor your messaging specific to your client
  • Get the scale and media effectiveness you’re looking for
  • ATT / Cookieless world proof / GDPR compliant

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ABN Amro targeted BDMs in companies within healthcare, agriculture, and technology sectors. Read the case.



Improvement in quality of conversions

Company targeting tailored to you CRM list
or any potential industry

  • Reach target accounts in any industry
  • Reach BDMs in a specific company
  • Reach C-suites and other job functions
  • Tap into communities of influence
  • Get results on a company level

ABM is tuned to your campaign needs

High match rates
Scale with relevance
Company-level metrics
Qualified leads

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