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The most relevant and scalable targeting on X

Today, the right audience is more important than ever. We can deliver just that — Enriched audiences with increased relevancy for both B2C and B2B, using only publicly available X data. We provide advanced targeting capabilities for more receptive audiences, enabling you to run highly effective campaigns on X.

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IT Developers - Canada
SMB Owners - UK
Hardcore Gamers -JP
Tech Enthusiasts - JP
Oncologists - USA

You have
something to say.

We know
exactly who
wants to hear it

Pro Targeting enables you to connect with your key audiences on X. Reach exactly the people you’re looking for with audiences curated based on job titles, seniority levels, casual versus hard core interests, B2B industries, combined interest audiences, competitors, and exclusion groups


  • Custom built, tuned to your needs and campaign objectives.
  • Based on online behavior and relationships.
  • Add impact with precision at scale.
  • Increased effectiveness and receptivity.
  • ATT / Cookieless world proof / GDPR compliant

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Just a few examples of how effective our audiences are

Heineken identified hardcore Formula 1 Fans. Read the case.



Increase in engagement rates

Philips targeted hard-to-find radiologists. Read the case.



Increase in conversion rates

Asics expanded reach within the community of runners. Read the case.



Increase in purchase intent

Enrich, refine, exclude, with Pro Targeting there are endless possibilities

  • Find hard-to-reach groups
  • Increase your reach with the influential community around them
  • Target any characteristic within any industry
  • Refined by job titles and personas
  • Enriched by a number of interests
  • Exclusion target groups
  • Competitor audiences

Tailored audiences designed to meet your campaign goals

Improved time-on-site
High match rates
Deliver higher video completion rates
Qualified leads

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