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Our deep-targeting is powerful. Our customizable algorithms go far beyond native targeting. Using public Twitter data, we deliver audiences custom tuned to your needs – Superaudiences.

Superaudiences are scalable, and deliver higher video completion rates, improved time-on-site, and dramatically reduced bounce rates. That means higher conversion.

If you want to run more impactful Twitter campaigns, Superaudiences are for you.

What we can deliver:


If it's there, we'll find it.

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Native Targeting
  • Criteria based on keywords and 300+ interest categories
  • Follower look alikes
  • Geo targeting
  • Age buckets
  • Device targeting


  • All the benefits of Twitter Native Targeting
  • Custom-built Twitter Audiences
  • Based on the behavior of 350+ million active users and 23 trillion data points
  • Enriched by unlimited level of interests (narrow, balanced, broad)  
  • Refined by job titles, industries and personas
  • Exclusion audiences
  • Competitor audiences
  • Tailored to improve quality and scale
  • Account Based Marketing

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