The easy way to run campaigns to the right audience on Twitter

If everyone is your audience, Twitter’s native targeting solutions are great. For large or small advertisers trying to reach more specific industry target audiences, SuperDashboard is the answer.
It allows you to set up and manage your Twitter campaigns with ease. As well as reaching the most receptive audiences to your messaging.

If you want to make optimal use of your media budget and focus on quality results, SuperDashboard is here for you. Setting up and running Twitter campaigns has never been easier.

SuperDashboard’s tools are designed to:

Save valuable time by selecting ready to use predefined B2C and B2B audiences;

Or create your own unique audience in just a few minutes with the Audience Creator;

Benefit from ready-to-use audience insights to have a deeper understanding of your audience;

Work collaboratively with your team to manage audiences, content and campaign set up;

Automated reporting dashboards.

The best audiences and insights to run, optimize & analyze your campaigns, all in one.


Library of pre-built Twitter audiences

Audience Creator

Create your own audience


Deep, meaningful consumer
and brand insights

Campaign Creator

Campaign management


Get all the results you’re looking for

Audience Creator -
The all in one tool to search, analyze and activate your audience.

With Audience Creator, you can explore your desired audience on Twitter; and discover unique audience insights to find out what drives the most relevant audiences.

Interest or profession

Take a deep dive into any interest or profession down to a specific region, or even explore a specific Twitter handle.

Influential accounts

Find which influential accounts lead the conversation and what content resonates with your audience.

From insights to ad campaign

Transform audience insights into real audiences and activate them in your ad campaigns for optimized impressions.

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Top Industry Most Requested Audiences & Insights

To make it easier for you, we’ve created SuperDashboards for the biggest industries on Twitter. Relevant and ready-to-use B2C and B2B audiences and insights for any advertiser, large or small.

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