Twitter has a hidden superpower.

This secret makes Twitter the most relevant channel in your marketing arsenal.

It is clear, Twitter is about what’s happening in the world right now. This unique ability serves an audience with a discovery mindset. It’s no secret that marketers are already using this knowledge to get their brand message to the right people when they are most receptive. But what is this hidden superpower?

The secret is that Twitter is more than
just a platform to communicate,
it’s a treasure trove of consumer
insight and understanding.

Every day, hundreds of millions of users produce billions of tweets and trillions of data points. This extremely rich data is available to anyone, at any moment. When you learn how to leverage the largest pool of public data in the world, you will start to get a feeling for Twitter’s undiscovered superpower.

The Socialdatabase platform harnesses this superpower of insight and understanding. SuperAudiences are a new way to understand and reach your audiences at a relevance never seen before. Best of all, it’s based on public Twitter data, which is especially beneficial in this era of privacy protection.

Not everyone is on Twitter, but every audience is.

– Thomas Slabbers (CEO Socialdatabase)

We believe that any campaign benefits from Twitter’s superpower, on Twitter and beyond. True, not everyone is on Twitter, but every audience is. Unlock the power of Twitter by making enriched public data your starting point.

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