Credit Suisse drives traffic by breaking through to new high-net-worth individuals audiences.

Key results

100% Improvement of the bounce rate

An increase in time spent on site


Credit Suisse, a leading global wealth manager, sought to engage High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), entrepreneurs, and successors of family businesses. However, native single-interest targeting options on X were not precise enough to reach this distinct audience effectively.


Socialdatabase used its enriched database to delve deeper into the online behavior and complex interests of HNWIs. This process involved identifying and compiling shared attributes and patterns among HNWIs on X - their common follows, likes, and interactions. By interpreting these patterns, Socialdatabase was able to build a more refined audience, capturing multiple intersecting interests, thus achieving a high level of precision in targeting.


With this targeting approach, the campaign significantly outperformed standard benchmarks. Not only did site visit duration increase substantially, but the bounce rate also improved by 100%, indicating a marked improvement in the quality of audience engagement and a corresponding boost in conversions.

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