Case: Credit Suisse

Reach High Net Worth Individuals.

Key Results


Community of 1M+ (Ultra) High-Net-Worth Individuals.

+100% Increase in time on site

Improved Bounce Rate and 100% increase in time spent on site.


Twitter strategy

Credit Suisse, one of the leading institutions in private banking, wanted to reach qualified leads within a specific range – the so-called Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI), entrepreneurs and family business owners and their successors. To this end SOCIALDATABASE developed a tailored campaign on Twitter.


High Net Worth Individuals

Standard targeting would lead to single interests, such as people who are interested in stock exchanges or like playing golf or people who fancy exclusive watches or expensive cars. In this way the bank, with operations in over 50 countries, wouldn’t be able to reach the right prospects, nor would it get satisfying conversion rates. There would simply be too much waste.

In addition, one cannot be sure that someone who is following Ferrari is wealthy. This would be too simple – more search and a deep dive in data is essential.

SOCIALDATABASE was able to isolate the premium audiences as it has made endless connections in its enriched database. By doing so, combinations of the aforementioned interests can be made and thus the true picture of UHNWI’s and alike could be created. A UHNWI is for example following Bentley, an expensive watch brand, Golf and a wealth management firm.


Time on site and bounce rate

By targeting the sophisticated target groups, the campaign on Twitter performed better. There was a significant increase in time spent on site and the bounce rate was improved by 100%. This indicates a significant increase in the quality of the audience reached, which results in better conversions.