B&S enhances awareness among Asia's duty-free BDMs

Key results

0,27% Click-through Rate

Achieved strong click through rate amongst  key decision-makers.

+2.3x Events on-site
(compared to LI)

Drove more interactive sessions compared to LinkedIn.

+3x Time on site
(compared to LI)

Longer time spent on-site thank LinkedIn proves a deeper connection was made with the desired audience.


B&S, a leading global consumer goods distributor, has been a longstanding partner of Socialdatabase. Over the years, we've worked closely to power B&S's digital advertising strategy with the right audiences. Faced with a bigger challenge, they turned to Socialdatabase: to generate awareness among duty-free audiences in the biggest markets in Asia for TFWA Singapore, one of the region's most significant tradeshows.


Understanding the niche nature of the duty-free industry, Socialdatabase leveraged its advanced targeting capabilities to identify Business Decision Makers (BDMs) and influential accounts within this sector. These key players were then combined with a highly relevant user network, enabling the campaign to increase its scale and spending efficiency while maintaining its focus on the desired target audience.


The campaign achieved strong in-platform performance with a Click-Through Rate of 0.27%. Additionally, it generated high-quality traffic and surpassed LinkedIn by driving 3 times more time spent on-site and 2.3 times more on-site events. These results showcase X/Twitter's potential to connect with and engage B2B audiences. With the right audiences, it effectively outperforms traditional platforms like LinkedIn.

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