Nutricia targets child-focused healthcare professionals in hypoallergenic drink campaign.

Key results

4,000+ Accounts reached

44% of the SuperAudiences watched the video message for more than 20 seconds.

125,000+ Impressions

The SuperAudience group was reached several times during the 6-weeks’ journey of the tailored campaign.

16x Impact multiplier

A 16 times better impact score versus a standard targeting campaign.


Nutricia sought to introduce their new hypoallergenic drink, Neocate SPLASH, to a precise group of healthcare professionals working with children with food allergies. The professionals of interest were pediatric allergists, dietitians, gastroenterologists, and pediatricians. A six-week campaign with awareness, consideration and acction phases were planned to pique interest and prompt sample orders.


Socialdatabase applied its proprietary methodology to identify healthcare professionals, creating an audience specifically composed of these practitioners. Our comprehensive analysis of behavior patterns, engagements, and relationships on X ensures high precisio, avoiding targeting of patients or irrelevant profiles.


The targeting approach resulted in an audience fine-tuned to Nutricia's needs, effectively reaching the intended healthcare professionals. This led to meaningful engagement and interactions. Compared to native targeting, this strategy resulted in a 16-fold increase in campaign impact, underlining the immense value of correctly identifying and reaching the right healthcare audiences.

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