Case: Nutricia

How SocialDatabase delivered an Impact Multiplier of +16 for Nutricia.

Key Results

4,000+ Relevant accounts reached

44% of the premium audiences watched the video message more than 20 seconds.

125,000+ Impressions

The hyper-targeting group was reached several times during the 6-weeks' journey of the tailored campaign.

16x Impact Multiplier

A 16 times better impact score versus a standard targeting campaign.


Twitter strategy

Nutricia wanted to reach a very specific range of health professionals for its new hypoallergenic drinks Neocate SPLASH. Children suffering from a food allergy benefit from these take-away drinks. SOCIALDATABASE developed a tailored campaign on Twitter based on a 3-steps strategy of 6 weeks aiming at Awareness-Consideration-Action.


Hyper-target focusing

SOCIALDATABASE found the hardcore targetgroup and narrowed it down to 9,000 accounts of health specialists. During a 6 weeks’ hyper-targeting campaign premium audiences were reached by – in chronological order:

1. Video message - creating Awareness
2. Visual plus content - Consideration
3. Call for ordering samples - Call to action



By means of selecting the specific niche target groups of pediatric allergists, pediatric dietists, gastroenterologists and pediatricians there was no waste. The journey of 6 weeks of messages on Twitter led to more engagements and conversions.

Reaching one health professional can mean a world of difference to the daily life of many patients. So, Nutricia was pleased to notice the number of professionals that was reached and engaged during the hyper-targeting campaign. Even more – compared to standard targeting the impact was 16 times higher.