Robeco significantly increases book downloads targeting BDMs in Finance.

Key results

+472% Conversions

The conversion rate increased by 472% compared to previous campaigns.

10K+ Website visitors

More than 10K BDMs visited the website directly from the tweet.

7x Impact Multiplier

A 7 times better impact score when comparing the quality of engagers with previous campaigns.


Robeco Asset Management aimed to connect with Business Decision Makers (BDMs) in the financial industry across nine countries to increase downloads of a specific book on their website. The goal was to significantly outperform the results of their previous campaigns.


Socialdatabase utilized its comprehensive X database to curate an audience of BDMs from banking, insurance, and financial services sectors. This audience was built based on a sophisticated analysis of behaviors, engagements, and relationships on X. With a clear focus on minimizing waste and avoiding irrelevant connections, Socialdatabase ensured that only BDMs relevant to Robeco were included in the audience.


The precision targeting was highly effective, attracting over 10K relevant website visitors in just a few weeks. Impressively, the conversion rate for book downloads surged by 472% compared to previous campaigns. The campaign's impact was seven times more significant, illustrating the immense value of accurately identifying and reaching the right audiences.

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