How SuperAudiences improved the click-through rate with 93%.

Key results

+93% Link click rate

The link click rate was 93% higher compared to standard targeting.

+47% Time on site

The SuperAudiences generated +47% more time on the website compared to other channels.


ABN AMRO is one of the leading banks in the Netherlands. When they launch campaigns on Social Media, they mainly focus on monitoring the time on site, the bounce rate and the quality of the conversions. They were looking for a niche audience composed of business decision-makers in healthcare, agriculture, and technology for their new campaign. ABN AMRO wanted to reach this niche audience and boost the results, therefore Socialdatabase provided SuperAudiences to pump up the campaign results. 


Decision-makers are hard to find using native targeting, but Socialdatabase is able to target niche audiences on Twitter. A deeper analysis of an enriched public Twitter data archive was used to define & identify audiences of relevant business decision-makers. This gathered information is used to build a SuperAudience for ABN AMRO to match industry-specific content with the right decision-makers on Twitter for every industry.


The Twitter SuperAudiences resulted in a 93% higher click-through rate, lower bounce rate and a higher time spent on site. In addition, the quality of the conversion increased as a result of more specific target audiences.

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