Case: ABN AMRO Bank

Reach Business Decision Makers across 8 industries in hyper-targeted Twitter campaigns.

Key Results

+93% Link click rate

The link click rate was 93% higher compared to standard targeting.

+47% Time on site

The SUPERAUDIENCES generated +47% more time on the website compared to other channels.


Twitter strategy

ABN AMRO Bank wanted to reach and increase engagement with a niche audience of business decision makers in industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and technology.



ABN AMRO mainly focused on performance KPIs including time on site, bounce rate and quality of conversions. Therefore, more accurate audiences were required. SOCIALDATABASE was asked to create multiple SUPERAUDIENCES on Twitter to improve campaign performance.
SUPERAUDIENCES are highly relevant audiences based on publicly available Twitter data to help advertisers create more engaging campaigns. 
A deeper analysis of the Twitter data archive was used to define & identify audiences of relevant business decision makers. For every industry, a SUPERAUDIENCE was built to help ABN AMRO match industry specific content with the right decision makers on Twitter.


Time on site and bounce rate

The improved quality of the Twitter SUPERAUDIENCES resulted in a 93% higher click-through-rate, lower bounce rate and a higher time spent on site. Furthermore, when zooming into the public engagers, data showed that the audience consisted of true business decision makers. But most importantly, the quality of conversion increased as a result of targeting more accurate audiences.