ABN AMRO connects with a niche audience of BDMs in different industries.

Key results

+93% Link click rate

+47% Time on site

9x Improvement in quality of conversions


ABN AMRO bank aimed to engage with a specific audience: business decision-makers in the healthcare, agriculture, and technology sectors. To improve performance metrics such as time on site, bounce rate, and conversion quality, they needed a strategy to accurately target this niche audience.


Socialdatabase analyzed data on X extensively to identify these decision-makers and their influential networks across the diverse industries. This in-depth analysis allowed the creation of tailored audiences, aligning ABN AMRO's industry-specific content with the right decision-makers on X.


Compared to native targeting, Socialdatabase's advanced targeting technology significantly improved campaign performance. The click-through rate rose by 93%, and the quality of conversion increased, demonstrating that the audience consisted of genuine business decision-makers. Moreover, the bounce rate reduced and the time spent on site grew, showcasing the value of precise audience targeting.

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