How Socialdatabase found the hardcore gamers on Twitter and increased the link click rate by 50%.

Key results

8,200+ Engagements

Over 8,200 engagements from the core gamers audience. 

+50% Link Click Rate 

The link click rate was 50% higher than the benchmark.

7x Impact Multiplier 

7 times more impact because of a premium audience consisting of real gamers. 


HP wanted to launch its new OMEN gaming PC by reaching the ultimate hardcore gamers. Omnicom Media Group (OMD) partnered with Socialdatabase to create a Twitter campaign targeting gamers to ensure that a hardcore gamer makes every click.


The secret behind reaching and engaging gamers is the formula: Data X Content = Impact. Our definition of impact is getting more relevant impressions, engagements and website visitors. We created a Superaudience consisting of hardcore gamers and influencers who are highly active on Twitter and follow each other closely. Combining these relevant audiences with a spectacular video message results in a big impact. OMD created Video Website Cards that showcase the features and advanced design of the OMEN Gaming PC.


The campaign had an engagement of +8,200 with hardcore gamers, and it achieved a link click rate of 50% above the benchmark. In addition, the campaign obtained an impact multiplier of seven, meaning that the campaign budget was spent seven times more effectively than regular targeted ads.

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