HP leverages hardcore
gamers for successful OMEN PC launch.

Key results

8,200+ Engagements

Over 8,200 engagements from the core gamers audience. 

+50% Link Click Rate 

The link click rate was 50% higher than the benchmark.

7x Impact Multiplier 

7 times more impact because of a premium audience consisting of real gamers. 


HP was set to launch its new OMEN gaming PC and wanted to reach the ultimate hardcore gamers on X. They turned to Socialdatabase to run a targeted campaign that would ensure every click was from a true gaming enthusiast.


Understanding the importance of aligning the right audience with impactful content, Socialdatabase assembled a custom audience of hardcore gamers and influencers. These individuals were not just passionate gamers, but also highly active on X, frequently interacting within their community. With this hand-picked audience, they were presented with compelling video content from OMD showcasing the superior features and advanced design of the OMEN Gaming PC.


By leveraging Socialdatabase's tailored audience approach, the campaign connected with hardcore gamers on X, increasing the link click rate by 50%. It also resulted in over 8,200 engagements and sevenfold more effective use of the budget compared to standard ads. This showcased the power of precisely targeted audiences in achieving higher engagement and maximizing return on investment.

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