Enrich your
ABM strategy
with SuperABM
on Twitter

You know exactly what clients you are looking for, we know exactly how to find their BDMs. So step up to the power of SuperABM: a new innovative solution on Twitter for your ABM-strategy.

Unlock your SuperABM solutions


  • Tailor-made audiences designed to match your campaign goals.
  • Enrich, refine, exclude; there are endless possibilities.
  • Based on online behavior and relationships.
  • Reach the most relevant BDMs, and the ones who influence them.
  • Increased effectiveness and receptivity.
  • Not affected by the iOS 14 update, IDFA or AAID.
  • GDPR compliant.

Reach up to
1.000 companies
with your messaging simultaneously

The right audience is more important than ever in account-based marketing. BDMs are more active on Twitter than anywhere else, which makes Twitter the most relevant platform for you to engage with them. Traditionally, LinkedIn has been the primary social ABM option, but now you can take your ABM-strategy to a whole new level with SuperABM.

With SuperABM you deliver the right messages to the right people. That’s added impact for your brand and its message.

You've changed the game for B2B advertising on Twitter.

– Laura Pierce (Head Of Performance Merkle B2B)

By analyzing his public behavior and relationships we know Ken LeBlanc is a CIO

Find BDMs
who don’t even mention
their job title

Twitter’s native options never allowed to target on job titles, but with SuperABM now you can. To make it even better: our technology even identifies the ones who don’t mention their job title. Resulting in truly receptive audiences that are more responsive and deliver a higher R.O.I.

helps you create
audiences tuned
to your needs

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Simply give us
your CRM list,
or we will create one for you
and do the rest

A SuperABM-strategy starts with a number of defined target companies within a specific market. A CRM list can be of help, but if it’s not there our team can create one for you in order to reach the exact audience.

Reach the BDMs of the specific companies
you’re looking for

SuperABM allows campaigning possibilities like never before. Our algorithms exactly know how to identify the BDMs per company. This allows you to tailor the content to specific companies in the decision-making process.

Get results
on a

All the data you need to review, and refine your campaign; exact reporting on Spend, Impressions, Reach, Frequency, Video Views, Engagements, Clicks and more.

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