Case: Philips Health Care

Online conversions of Philips increased by 54% targeting Radiologists in Twitter campaigns.


100% Better bounce rate

The bounce rate was reduced from 64% to 32%.

+53% Conversion rate

An increase of 54% for the conversion rate on the website.

+14 Impact multiplier

14 times better impact score than compared to the standard targeting test.


Twitter strategy

Philips Health was looking for a global Twitter strategy for their radiology division. They wanted to reach radiologists on Twitter. Twitter’s native targeting options can’t help you to target such specific audiences. However with our database we are able to find any niche audience profession. Our team was asked to show proof of our hyper-targeted professional audiences. So an A/B test campaign was set up by Philips Health. Could our audiences reduce waste, reduce costs and improve results?


Radiologist super audience

The A/B test consisted of a normal audience using Twitter’s native targeting options and our hyper targeted radiologist audience. Other parameters for the campaign, like content and duration were equal for both groups. By means of reducing waste and zooming in on Premium Audiences we ensured control in reach and frequency, which led to an impressive impact multiplier.


Bounce rate and conversion rate

The test with Twitter’s native targeting generated an audience, which was ten times higher than the actual number of radiologists in the entire world. Our hyper-targeted audience, however, existed out of a group of radiologists and a group of people that are highly likely to be radiologists. The results speak for itself: the bounce rate was reduced by 100% and more importantly on-site conversion went up by +54%. A small increase in both rates generally means a lot for a business. However these numbers made our client and us extremely excited.