TomTom drives brand recognition amongst automotive & tech insiders in shift from B2C to B2B market.

Key results

Increase in advertising recall by 75% and brand identity by 18%

The results of a Brand Lift Study by MeMo2, a third party specialized in measuring media effects.

Higher average time spent on site

The average time the audience spent on site was over 2x higher.

Working with Socialdatabase’s custom audiences has helped us fine-tune our hard to reach target. As we developed content aimed at decision makers in our target industries and specialized media, getting this content in front of the right people was quintessential for the success of the campaign.

– Sara Stoffels, Global Social Media Specialist


TomTom, transitioning from B2C to B2B, aimed to run a US awareness campaign, communicating their enduring mission of building a safer future within a new business context.


Two custom audiences were developed: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) targeting decision makers at automotive companies, and Tech-Loving Consumers focusing on media insiders and tech analysts.


The campaign led to a significant 75% increase in ad recall and an 18% boost in brand recognition. The heightened user engagement and video view rates encouraged TomTom to continue using these audiences for ongoing campaigns.

All results were measured by MeMo2, a 3rd party specialist in measuring the effects of media investments.