How SuperAudiences
helped TomTom to build a safer future for the consumer.
And their business.

Key results

Increase in advertising recall by 75% and brand identity by 18%

The results of a Brand Lift Study by MeMo2, a third party specialized in measuring media effects.

Higher average time spent on site

The average time the audience spent on site was over 2x higher.

Working with Socialdatabase’s custom audiences has helped us fine-tune our hard to reach target. As we developed content aimed at decision makers in our target industries and specialized media, getting this content in front of the right people was quintessential for the success of the campaign.

– Sara Stoffels, Global Social Media Specialist

Big brand pivot, big brand targeting challenge

The popular consumer sat-nav brand TomTom’s mission has always been to build a safer future. To better accomplish this goal, they’ve recently pivoted towards the B2B market, where their expertise in location technology, and real-time traffic information will have an even bigger impact. TomTom wanted to run an effective awareness campaign in the US to help shift their brand image from B2C to B2B. They asked us to define a target for their Twitter campaign explaining: that though TomTom has changed, their mission to help build a safer future continues.

Smart targeting: from the top down

Big news travels fast when it comes from the top, and TomTom was having trouble targeting top players inside the automotive world.

Our solution was to create two entirely new SuperAudiences: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), designed specifically to reach decision makers at companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Tesla, and Tech-Loving Consumers, targeting media insiders, and analysts at tech and automotive publications like Engadget, Shortlist and WIRED.

Results: message received

An independent brand lift study showed the resulting campaign delivered a 75% increase in ad recall and an 18% increase in brand recognition. The content also scored higher than MeMo2’s quality benchmarks, an indicator that the content was especially suitable for the audience. There was also significant increase in average user time on the site — Over 200% above benchmark for the “tech-loving consumer” audience. The results were so impressive, TomTom continues to use these audiences for their Always-on campaigns, which are also seeing increases in engagement and video view rates.

All results were measured by MeMo2, a 3rd party specialist in measuring the effects of media investments.